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Q. How long does it take to rent a list?
A. Dependant on the data required, the process of initial count request to data delivery can be as short as 2 hours.

Q. What happens if you don't have the data I require or my request is very specific?
A. We have an in house research team that can source these leads for you. We call this service our Tailored List research service, click here to find out more.

Q. Are all the files cleaned against suppression files?
A. Yes. We take data protection laws very seriously, and all our files are cleaned against all necessary UK supression files, including the MPS, TPS and CTPS files every 28 days.

Q. Are all the lists 3rd Party compliant?
A. Yes

Q. How old is the data?
A. Our data is updated daily and as such can be as old as a day. Some List Owners sell data up to five years old but we know how quickly data degrades and spend a lot of time and money on keeping it up to date. Even then we do not supply any data that is more than two years old.

Q. How often is the data updated?
A. All our lists are updated daily.

Q. How can I pay for the data?
A. Previous customers - we can offer 30 days credit, however, there is a 5% discount if paid for by credit card at time of order.

A. New customer - you must pre-pay for your data before we can release it to you. You can pay by invoice, however, the quickest option is by credit card when you first order. Payments by credit card at time of order are offered a 5% discount on the order value.

Q. Do you release email addresses to customers?
A. No. We do not release email data to 3rd parties. We can release this data to a registered service bureau only if we have a signed non Disclosure Agreement with them.

Q. Can you send an email campaign on my behalf?
A. Yes. We have the capability to send email campaigns on behalf of 3rd parties. You provide us with the HTML and/or Plain text creative and the 'From' and 'Subject' fields are specified by you so when the email reaches an inbox it looks as if it has come directly from you.

Q. Do we provide tracking reports?
A. Yes. upon request we can provide a summary report for HTML emails. This shows the number of emails delivered, unique views, unique click-throughs, total views, total click-throughs. N.b. it is not possible to track plain text emails.

Q. How is the data delivered?
A. We will send you the data in an excel spreadhseet, making it easy for you to mail merge.

Q. What paperwork is involved?
A. A List Rental Order Form and a List Rental Agreement Form must be signed and faxed to us before we can deliver the data. To see a sample order form click here. To see a sample Agreement click here.